SC Ministry Foundation is a public grant-making organization. The Foundation promotes the mission and ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati:
Urged by the love of Christ, and in the Spirit of our founder, Elizabeth Ann Seton, we Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati strive to live Gospel values.  We choose to act justly, to build loving relationships, to share our resources with those in need, and to care for all creation.
To learn more, visit: www.scministryfdn.org 

Our Purpose

Through grants, capacity building and collaboration, SC Ministry Foundation:

  • Provides financial support to organizations identified with the Sisters of Charity in need of support for viability and growth
  • Furthers social justice by addressing the root causes of poverty, racism and oppression
  • Supports services and programs that will positively impact persons living in poverty and those underserved
  • Promotes collaborative initiatives for the building up of healthy communities

One thought on “About

  1. I am a Daughter of Charity, Sister Paule Freeburg.
    I am searching for the origin of the quote “never do alone what we can better do together.’ I found it in an address given by Sister Joan Cook, SC. But I have also seen it used by a person giving a talk on the VincentianFamily. Does the quote originate with your congregation? If not, do you know the origin? I love the quote but do not want to use it without giving a reference for it. Perhaps Sister Joan can enlighten me on this. I would really appreciate it.
    Sister Paule

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