SC Ministry Foundation Update

January 1, 2019

As we look ahead to the New Year, the Sisters of Charity and SC Ministry Foundation are excited to share how we are planning to implement some enhancements in 2019. Recently we shared with you how the Sisters of Charity have set a new, simplified direction for the Foundation which includes the process of absorbing the Foundation’s administrative operations into the Congregation. In addition, we have continued to consider the results from the 2017 Grantee Perception survey which surfaced additional opportunities to streamline processes to be more “user friendly” for our grantees.

As a result, SC Ministry Foundation will be shifting from two responsive grant cycles per year to offering one annual responsive grant cycle. The once-a-year grant cycle will maintain the same budget capacity equivalent to the combined budget of two cycles.

The next grant cycle will begin accepting funding requests on January 16, 2019 for funding that would begin in July 2019. Additional information regarding the grant application process may be found on the Foundation’s website:

The Foundation will continue to limit the term for each funding request to a one-year grant. We remain committed to streamlining reporting requirements and payment schedules, particularly for smaller grants.

We hope that our streamlining efforts result in a more effective, less time consuming grant process for your organization. Please be sure to consider how the change to one responsive grant cycle per year may impact your organization in terms of your budget and the timing of future grant requests.

Please note that all correspondence, grant reports and other Foundation-related business should be directed to Diane Geiser, who will forward the information to the appropriate Sisters of Charity personnel. The new mailing address for the SC Ministry Foundation and Diane’s contact information are:

SC Ministry Foundation
Attention: Diane Geiser
5900 Delhi Road
Mount St. Joseph, OH 45051

Phone: (513) 347-1122

The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati have a marvelous mission which never rests, and it propels us into the future. We are hopeful that we can continue to improve the ways in which we support your efforts to respond to the needs of our day. Together with you, our partners in mission and ministry, SC Ministry Foundation faces the future with confidence, commitment and enthusiasm.