In honor of the SC Ministry Foundation’s 20 years of service to the local community, Cincinnati’s Mayor John Cranley recognized the accomplishments of the foundation and the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati during the event hosted in June.

“SC Ministry Foundation has made a huge difference in the life of this community…” Cincinnati’s Mayor John Cranley

Mayor Cranley shared, “It is absolutely the case that I was raised by the Sisters of Charity. My grandfather was a surgeon at Good Samaritan Hospital with the Sisters of Charity. My father was educated by the Sisters of Charity at St. Williams Parish in the 1950’s and I was educated by the Sisters at St. Williams in the 1980s.”

“The best of what the Catholic Church has done in this country has come from the Sisters, and the Sisters of Charity have been a great example for me. It’s been a great impact on my life in developing my commitment to social justice and public service,” he added.

Mayor Cranley shared that during his terms as a city council member and as mayor, “We have worked to put an enormous amount of focus on Price Hill, where I grew up and my parents still live. The investment from SC Ministry Foundation over the years to support the various efforts in Price Hill has made a huge difference for our city.”

“I can tell you without any hesitation that SC Ministry Foundation has made a huge difference in the life of this community, in the life of our city and in the lives of people who don’t always have people fighting for them.”

Mayor Cranley proclaimed June 23, 2016 as “SC Ministry Foundation Day” in the City of Cincinnati. The announcement triggered enthusiastic applause from foundation guests, including Sisters of Charity, members of grantee organizations and community partners.

More than 100 guests attended the SC Ministry Foundation celebration including many Sisters of Charity, nonprofit leaders and community partners. 

The complete text of the City of Cincinnati proclamation is provided below:

WHEREAS: The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati established SC Ministry Foundation twenty years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio, as a public grant-making organization to fulfill their mission of sharing resources with those in need, with the purpose of promoting social justice and addressing the root causes of poverty; and,

WHEREAS: SC Ministry Foundation has been an integral part of the Greater Cincinnati community through collaborative efforts, collective impact initiatives and grant-making, investing millions of dollars over the past twenty years with nearly 200 nonprofits in the City of Cincinnati, with significant investments dedicated to holistic community development in Price Hill; and,

WHEREAS: SC Ministry Foundation has served as a trusted, valued partner in collaboration with other funders and organizations which advocate for better lives for all people through improvements in education, income, and health while minimizing inequity and racism; and,

WHEREAS: SC Ministry Foundation fosters professional development and opportunities for nonprofits to build capacity through sponsorship of workshops, educational programs and convenings; and,

WHEREAS: SC Ministry Foundation promotes the Sisters of Charity mission within the global community with leadership and influence to address issues of environmental stewardship, immigration reform, ending the death penalty, and ending human trafficking; and,

WHEREAS: SC Ministry Foundation will continue to serve as a dedicated community partner, promoting the mission and ministry of the Sisters of Charity for generations to come;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, John Cranley, Mayor of the City of Cincinnati, declare June 23, 2016 as SC Ministry Foundation Day in Cincinnati, Ohio.