As we celebrate National Catholic Sisters Week March 8-14, we are reminded of how American Catholic Sisters are integral parts of our communities and our Church—generously serving, leading and praying in communities and ministries across the country.

Religious life is alive and thriving today within the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Congregation, where:

  • Alex_Sally_ELL_2-25-16_700p
    Sister Sally Duffy, SC congratulates Alex, a DePaul Cristo Rey High School student and recent scholarship recipient. 

    310 members serve in 26 U.S. dioceses, with the majority (254) serving the Archdiocese of Cincinnati;

  • Sisters are ministering in 15 states and three foreign countries;
  • Sisters continue to serve in education, health care, pastoral/spiritual care, social work, congregational service and through the ministry of prayer.

What does the future hold for religious congregations?

New membership continues to bring new life and joy. Last summer, Sister Tracy Kemme and Sister Andrea Koverman professed first vows with the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Other “Sisters-in-training,” are following their footsteps, including Sister Annie Klapheke, an apostolic novice, and three women participating in the affiliate program while they live and minister with Sisters of Charity in Anthony, New Mexico.

Last summer, Sisters of Charity affiliate, Whitney Schieltz, (third from right), and Sister Annie Klapheke, apostolic novice, (second from right), and Sister Donna Steffen, Novice Director, (far right), visited with Seton High School students and their mentors at Good Samaritan Hospital to learn about the Seton/TriHealth Summer Employment Program. 

On a national scale, there are 1,200 women in formation in religious orders across the U.S. A recent report has revealed that the number of Catholic Sisters today mirrors the number of Sisters in the nation 100 years ago –  during a time when religious congregations were forming many of the schools, hospitals and social service centers that serve our communities today.

The report, Understanding U.S. Catholic Sisters Today, explores the life of U.S. Catholic Sisters, challenges stereotypes, and identifies 10 key themes for understanding Sisters today. The report was produced through Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities (FADICA), with support from SC Ministry Foundation.

FDC 001 ExecSumm-5.inddLaunched alongside the report is the website, designed to encourage engagement with Sisters, support for Sisters, and exploration of life as a Sister.

There have never been enough and never will be enough Catholic Sisters to meet the needs of this world. The Understanding U.S. Catholic Sisters Today report and the website are part of a larger effort to recruit and retain new members who will become young leaders, carrying congregations and service to the Church into future generations.

Join the Celebration

We invite you to become part of the hopeful and inspirational story of Catholic Sisters today. Here are some suggestions for celebrating National Catholic Sisters Week:

  • Read the full report: and share with others
  • Join the conversation on social media using the hashtags #Catholicsisters, #NCSW
  • Ask a Sister to share her story with your group or organization
  • Pray for Vocations
  • Donate to your favorite ministry

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